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Official Site Opens for new games from Sprite & Lump of Sugar

Untitled-1 「Aoi no Kanata no 4 Rhythm」 Official Site Opens with just one pic. To show off the flying boots. They are called Anti Graviton Shoes. I want one. []

2013-08-22 05_59_50-世界と世界の真ん中で And this is the newly opened official site for Lump of Sugar’s upcoming game 「Sekai to Sekai no Mannaka de」. []

2013-08-22 06_06_09-世界と世界の真ん中でImouto chara Kokoro. Loved by everyone. Mascot character at the dorm.

2013-08-22 06_06_57-世界と世界の真ん中で Honour student Minori. Except she’s a fake and in fact she’s a prankster. (typical)

2013-08-22 06_07_55-世界と世界の真ん中で Cool bishoujo Aira. Except she’s bad with people.

2013-08-22 06_08_52-世界と世界の真ん中で Cute furry senpai Haruka. Expert at maths.

2013-08-22 06_16_51-世界と世界の真ん中でThey are such bland and ‘safe’ characters. Apparently there are only SO MANY WAYS you can make a moege and that if you throw in characters that can’t be summarized in 3 words, the Japanese will be furious and they will ditch your game!…….. which is a lie because I see 2ch threads being reported by matomes constantly over how cliche their games had become.


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10 years ago

Last I checked, exaggerated one-dimensional characters with one or two defining traits were the essence of moe culture.

10 years ago

Lump of Sugar’s most recent game, Magical Charming was a lump of crap, in the sense that it reminded me more of a dating sim than a moege or a charage (which is Lump of Sugar’s specialty). It contained all of Lump of Sugar’s flaws as a company with none of its positive elements. Hanairo Heptagram also possessed its own problems, in that it tried to imitate the hidden beauty of Tayutama – the original game – without the surprising depth that was displayed by that story. LOS’s big problem is that its games, once works of steady talent – if not works of genius – have become more and more bland as an ironic result of efforts to recapture what made previous games great or attempt a new dynamic. I’m beginning to think that all the efforts on the part of this company are just leading it to its own demise.