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Flyingshine Crowd-funding a Nukige – Crime Rhyme Rei

topimg1Flyingshine Black is crowd funding a nukige (copying bamboo). They want to do Crime Rhyme Rei (クライミライ零) as part of 10th year anniversary of the crime series, and they’re asking for pledges. Pledgers can contribute 525 yen, 5250yen, 10500yen, 21000yen, 31500yen or 52500yen. Smallest pledge option gets you an ero-illustration thank you card. Glad they added the small option.

Explanation page here: [flyingshine.com/kuro/product/zpro/k0_cloudfunding.html] Pledge here: [flyingshine.com/cf/cgi-bin/index.cgi]

thx @lby_HR for the tip.

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