Dovac retires from running – taken over by Checkmate

Dovac retires from Checkmate (anime-sharing) has to pay for all of it now. 太っ腹!

2013-08-24 12_24_09-_izumi tsubasu _ Dovac writes: “Before everyone freaks out, I’m not retiring I’m retiring FROM running/paying for [quoting from]

I’ve decided to hand off the site to Checkmate, a trusted member of the site. You might have known him from 3 years ago when he offered to help host a mirror for a long period when I was unemployed. Transfer of the server billing and domain name is in progress so I will not have any more input in the development of the site.

As some are aware, I’ve started my own startup ( and have been in Japan for 9 days working on getting content creators to use my startup’s platform. I’ve been successful in getting parties interested in using the platform, so I have decided to proceed with full force with my plans of crowdfunding Japanese culture and goods to the overseas market.

Without running I would not have gotten the experience I needed to see that the industry in Japan really needs a new method of getting their works overseas at an affordable cost.

By allowing the fans to pay for localization, printing costs, licensing fees of various goods before a product would be released overseas, it would allow Japanese companies to enter the market with much less risk. With less risk it would mean they would be much more willing to release experimental and innovative goods.

Anyways, in the end thank you for reading this long post and I hope that when my startup is ready you would be willing to support it.” []

If you don’t know already, is one of those very expensive sites that host a HUGE amount of very high quality HD scans of anime/VN/manga/everything pics from all sources. Would be good to see how sekaiproject will spin out. Getting the western fans to pay the costs upfront (including paying for the licensing fees) will make a huge difference in negotiations. And doujins is the best place to do these kinds of things. So all the best with that!

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