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Tsugumi From Ever17 Gets Hugging Pillow

Tsugumi Komachi from Ever17 Dakimakura for sale, drawn by Yū Takigawa (the original artist). []

“Ever17 -the out of infinity- visual novel artist Yū Takigawa announced on her official website that she will release a hugging pillow cover of Ever17‘s Tsugumi Komachi character. She is featured in both white negligee and a black wedding dress that Takigawa designed for the Ever17 10th Anniversary Fanbook that was released last year at Japan’s Winter Comic Market 2012. Fans voted for the black wedding dress outfit on Takigawa’s Pixiv account, with other possible choices for the other side of the pillow being Sara Matsunaga, Sara and Tsugumi together, Yū Tanaka, or Sora Akanegasaki.

The 1,600 mm (62 inch) x 500 mm (20 inch) pillow cover made out of 2 way tricot will cost 13,000 yen (about US$130), and will be sold at the Summer Comic Market (Summer Comiket) in Tokyo, Japan on August 10 at the table of Takigawa’s Love Pockets circle.”

Here is sample pics in high resolution
Front (756 x 1937)
36863306 (1)
Back (756 x 1937)36682578 (1)

This was the first visual novel I ever played. I found it on a friend’s USB when I was borrowing it (along with stuff like legend of the galactic heroes 0_0)


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10 years ago

Classy, this just makes me wish I could go back and experience Ever17 for the first time again.(Even though it hasn’t been a year since I read it. >_>)

10 years ago

Good. This girl needs a big BIG hug.

Trung V Phan
10 years ago

Gotta buy it!!!

10 years ago

A must have.