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Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side triple pack for 5,800 yen

2nd04_800 They’re selling Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side triple pack which has all three games in the series included, for 5,800 yen starting 26th of September. [via Siliconera] If you don’t know already, the first two games in the series has a fan translation patch already and the third game is still being translated.

(Game 1) Girl’s Side 1st Love: []
(Game 2) Girl’s Side: 2nd Kiss: []

Although you still need to have a custom card like Acekard2 to run the patched ROM files, so this is for collectors only, or for people who want to support the companies. By the way you can still play the game on emulator even if you don’t have an NDS/3DS.

2013-07-23 21_22_26-play-asia_logo.jpg (600×150)
Right now I can’t see it on Playasia yet, but if you use this link, it should eventually popup in the list. (Bcuz the announcement was just today). 5800 yen is about USD$58 so I hope they don’t mark it up more than $70.

2nd05_800 pkg
^ Comes in a box like this and inside there are 3 games. Nothing else is in it.


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