Tears to Tiara II OP Video Released + Walkure Romanze Anime

2013-07-10 18_14_59-ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラII 覇王の末裔They released an OP video to Tears to Tiara II Haou no Matsuei for PS3 [Official Site]. Which is like Leaf’s idea of, “hey we should do stuff”…… since they certainly don’t do stuff too often.

Where is my To Heart 3???

Also this is Walkure Romanze Anime PV: I like how their expensive shots for the show are reasonably pretty.

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  • Oh, looking good, looking good! When Walkure Romanze’s anime was first announced it got me interested in the VN too (I had honestly never heard of it and jousting is one of those things I really like), but sadly my Japanese is still too weak for me to tackle the challenge for now.

  • ahh i still remember 2 years ago waking up in the middle of the night to check up my direct download for the VN Walkure Romance.. now it’s going to become an anime 😀 i hope the anime doesn’t disappoint me like Princess Lover did.

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