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Miles Edgeworth 2 Fan Translation Update – partial patch coming soon

6jCI5 Thx to debono9 for the heads up. There is a fan translation going for Miles Edgeworth 2 at this location: [].

664px-GK2boxartAccording to wikipedia article: “In January 2013, Svensson was again asked about.. Gyakuten Kenji 2 localization, and he responded… there were no news to report, and that all Ace Attorney resources, especially localization ones, were focused on Ace Attorney 5.[17] It was widely assumed that Gyakuten Kenji 2 wasn’t localized due to poor sales but producer Motohide Eshiro stated "The main reason was just scheduling… Also, the staff for Ace Attorney Investigations 2—after they finished developing the game, they were disbanded and went to different teams, so they weren’t in a position to localize."[18]"

It looks like the commercial localization was cancelled so now fans have taken it up upon themselves to do the localization, [see].

Check out the Case 3 song + eng subbed:

Click here to display content from

Current progress.
Quoting Auryn from 22nd June 2013:

“In short then:
Case specific graphics: completed all but inserted only case 1 (and probably 2).
Common graphics: done
Voices (case specific): done but not inserted yet.
Common text: done and inserted
Case specific text: Case 1/2 complete and inserted, case 3 WIP.
Literal translation: continuing case 3 and big jump forward expected while/end of the summer
Localization/insertion: same as above
ASM work: throw back but or no affect on the progress or a big boost expected (no timeline for this)
Bug fixing: expected to be completed next month.
Release date: unknow
Release version: unknow
Cases covered by the patch on first release: The first release will be a partial patch for sure and will include Case 1 complete.
Release compatibility: emulator and real hardware targeted (if your flashcard can not play the AP patched japanese rom, you will probably not be able to play the translation either!)”

A partial patch containing Case 1 Completed will be appearing soon (probably end of summer?).
You can follow the progress of the translation here: []

Some Screenshots:
73ae914ad_1289514504853  20110208015556 20110211022202 CG1 img_910115_27892472_0


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10 years ago

there’s an article on kotaku
“Why Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Never Made It To America”

also forgot to mention, the fan translators are going to make sure the game works on emulator as well.

10 years ago


i need the link download the game please

10 years ago

is this a DS game?

Reply to  Dorj
10 years ago


Reply to  Dorj
10 years ago

As if the box art didn’t give that away.

Reply to  Dorj
9 years ago

Luk guis wee hav a genus heer

Jk, no one could be that illiterate.

10 years ago

MoeNovel has so much time to desecrate If My Heart Had Wings and even rewrote most of the story but they don’t have time to actually translate a VN that is ALL-AGES and has a good story. Instead, they choose to butcher a 18+ VN into a All-ages VN, ignoring the All-age VN that was there for grabs.

Reply to  DC
10 years ago

Probably due to all sorts of licensing mumbo jumbo. (Capcom game)
I know I would have loved for them to localize this game, it would have given me something great to laugh at.

10 years ago

I’m currently watching the translation video by dowolf on youtube. this game is epic! shame that they cancel this.

10 years ago

メンズ ファッション ブランド 上にあげたものはどれも控え目なデザインで地味で気取らないですが服の形じたいはけっこうかっこいいです。色は黒やグレーが多いです。値段は大体ジャケット3万、ボトムス1.5万、インナー1万~ぐらいですかね。 レアウンが出しているシンプルライフというブランドがありますが、デザイン的に恐ろしく粗雑。オッサンの休日ウエアに成り果てていますね。

Francisco Ismael Barrera Gil
10 years ago

Hey, what about the translation state? How is it going? 🙂