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Love Sniper Doujin Visual Novel Released in English For Free!

Love Sniper is a comedy visual novel developed by B Dash Suisen and translated/localized by otome game dev roseVeRte (dUpLicity, Cafe0, East Tower). Available for free here: [] Supports Windows/Mac/Linux.

“The main character, Heiji, is a boy who tried to confess his love using a love letter. Unfortunately, the girl Ageha doesn’t seem to share his feelings even after she got it. Heiji was vey upset, and suddenly a cupid named Picchu came to him and offered him help to make his love come true. What will happen to Heiji’s love then?”

– kaguya



My name is Kaguya. I'm a global moderator on the fuwa forums and a VN reviewer for the Fuwazette. I'm particularly fond of action VNs, have soft spot for grandiose melodrama and have impossible-to-meet standards for mystery stories. I'm somewhat active all day round, so if you ever need to contact a member of the staff team for anything, just throw me a PM on the forums!

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10 years ago

I’ll give it a try : D

10 years ago

beat it i got all the bad endings first lol damnn

10 years ago

Looks like its worth a go 😀

10 years ago

Sounds like fun

10 years ago

No CG viewer~~~ ( ; A ; )