Little Witch Romanesque comes back as a JAST Project

Following the demise of little witch romanesque kickstarter project, Peter was happy to pick it up for them. So now it’s back but as a part of JAST. A good thing.

So perhaps part of the reason why Aroduc took offline all of his fan patches? [see post]

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  • > So perhaps part of the reason why Aroduc took offline all of his fan patches?

    Definitely NO!. It’s because of the C&D letter.

    FUCK LITTLEWITCH. They made me angry for fun.

  • A C&D only applies to titles one has the copyright for. Little Witch can’t tell Aroduc to take down patches for games they don’t have the rights to–at least not with any legal backing. They could have made taking down the fan patches a condition of working with them. It’s more likely that this was a request by JAST, or even a voluntary concession by Aroduc to avoid potential issues in the future.

  • It’s good thing that we got english version to play in the future. But… wasn’t this cheap (or other would call it cheating) for JAST took the advantage of the incidents ? Obviously JAST won’t pick up this VN translation if it wasn’t Aroduc!
    (I found this article similar with Da Capo III C&D).

  • I am guessing this was basically “license through extortion” the same way NNL got EF licensed. Aroduc probably said he would release it into English regardless, and it was only a question of if the company wanted money or not for the English release. That said, I’m sure there are still hard feelings, but I hope it sells well. Money heals all wounds in the business world after all, and successful English releases encourage more English releases.

  • why complain? you are geting it either way,I think it’s good of them to get their hands on partially done translations that may not be completed otherwise.
    in fact I wish they’ll do this more often instead of releasing all those other hentai titles…

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