Little Busters Ecstasy Translation Stalled?

Somebody in the guest comments posted an update on the Little Busters EX/ME translation.

2013-07-23 01_57_43-Little Busters! ME Translation Status—Progress as of 7/22/13:
Translated = 51.98% (this percentage is stalled)
Edited = 43.35% (this percentage hasn’t increased in a while)
Proofread = 0.00%
—There is occasional progress, but only very small amounts between large periods of non-progress. 
—Percentages are meant to represent EX/ME translation progress only, not counting the already translated original story (which is pointless to include).
—The translated percentage increased a very little around a month ago, but hasn’t increased since.  This translation appears to be stalled (again).  At this rate, it will take at least a few years to complete.
2013-07-23 02_08_25-Little Busters! ME Translation Status
see translation status spreadsheet

VNTLS doesn’t have any info on the percentage because sometimes “he” doesn’t know. And the last update they have was back in January anyway.

And it’s a worry that Doki hasn’t updated us on LB!EX since October of last year! So what is happening with Little Busters EX/ME?? Do they need more people?

—thx whoever the person was

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  • Its always the same… if they dont have enough people to begin with, why they dont ask for more? Actually its better to do this than to stall the translation for 6-7 months! Of course they are doing it for free… but perhaps there are another translation team or whatever that they want to translate this game to play it.

    Well, i hope that doki translations read this post and began to at least clarify this situation… they are the same as TAKAJUN, who hasnt updated his site since january( and i highly doubt he would ever touch translations again ).

  • I asked them, from what someone heard they are just putting priority on the Clannad patch first. I’ll tweet you and MAYBE post here when I find out definitively what it is, but LB is at the very least not dropped Aaeru.

  • Just talked to Del, who is in charge of the VN division at Doki. His exact words:

    “Both LB and Clannad are running in parallel with mostly seperate staff. Progress is being made on both. Not as fast as we would like sometimes, but they are coming along, bit by bit.”

    So there ya have it. I tweeted this to you too, Aaeru.

  • I’m surprised someone made an article about it, haha. Hopefully this will provide answers as to why it is taking so long.

    @rollininmygrave– According to the Doke site, EX was supposed to be translated at the same time as Clannad: Tomoyo After. If the staff is mostly separate, then simultaneous translation shouldn’t cause it to be slowed very much. Also, the Clannad: Tomoyo After project seems to be completed, seeing as there is a 1.1 patch for it, so I doubt that they would be concentrating on it. If I may be blunt, it sounds like he blew smoke up your butt so you would leave him alone about the matter.

    Either way, the translation is receiving very little attention and has made almost no progress for quite a while. Del’s reply doesn’t answer why this is occurring, so answers are still needed. On a good note, it is refreshing to know that the LBEX project isn’t abandoned.

    Sorry for the long-winded comment.

    • yea exactly, it’s strange to me since essentially the Lb!Ex translators are team fluffy and they wouldn’t move over to other projects unless they want to.

      the old team would continue to do what they want to do and it is regardless of how the other projects in Doki are going.

      they shouldn’t need to be shuffled about like resources. And even if they do move around, it’s stranger to me that they would just leave the old project hanging like that.

    • @Tengu-San: Nah, the guy is nice and honest and had nothing to lie about. I can see how fixing up the Clannad translation (has a lot of bugs, I’m playing through the VN right now with the current one released by the old team) and working on EX/ME at the same time can be slow. They just hired more translators about a month ago if I recall correctly, right after hiring some more editors.

      And combine it with the fact that every member of Doki is in college and probably working their asses off because it’s currently summer I can easily see how they wouldn’t be able to be rushing through with this. Del said they have mostly separate staff for LB and Clannad, and it just takes time. Like everything else, it will be done when it’s done.

      Also like SieghartXx said, Clannad_Man himself said it isn’t dropped.

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