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Little Busters Ecstasy Translation Stalled?

Somebody in the guest comments posted an update on the Little Busters EX/ME translation.

2013-07-23 01_57_43-Little Busters! ME Translation Status—Progress as of 7/22/13:
Translated = 51.98% (this percentage is stalled)
Edited = 43.35% (this percentage hasn’t increased in a while)
Proofread = 0.00%
—There is occasional progress, but only very small amounts between large periods of non-progress. 
—Percentages are meant to represent EX/ME translation progress only, not counting the already translated original story (which is pointless to include).
—The translated percentage increased a very little around a month ago, but hasn’t increased since.  This translation appears to be stalled (again).  At this rate, it will take at least a few years to complete.
2013-07-23 02_08_25-Little Busters! ME Translation Status
see translation status spreadsheet

VNTLS doesn’t have any info on the percentage because sometimes “he” doesn’t know. And the last update they have was back in January anyway.

And it’s a worry that Doki hasn’t updated us on LB!EX since October of last year! So what is happening with Little Busters EX/ME?? Do they need more people?

—thx whoever the person was


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