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Koichoco Chisato Route Done! and other updates

054 Koichoco Chisato route and common route fully translated! [via basicvntls.wordpress.com] Partial patch in the works.

Person writes: “Here we go. Common and Chisato’s route are fully translated. We’ll now be working on a partial patch and the next route(s). There’s no ETA I can give you for the patch ^^.

Common/First route (Chisato): 18398/~18398 lines translated.

Translation: 153/397 files
Editing: 121/397 files.
QC: 10(?)/397 files.” [source]
Also see staff credits.

Cannonball is an older game by Liar-Soft (aka company who did Sharnoth, Inganock), and Nekoyasha had an update on the translation project: s/he’s past 50% now.

via project page: “2013/07/27 – Despite the percentage, I’m over 50% now (I don’t count scripts done until all lines are done, and there are some scripts at the end with lines that differ depending on the route), and I’ve also finished one route and started the next.”

Poll results for next otome game project at Marchen Translations: Tiny x Machinegun

“The winner of the poll is Tiny x Machinegun! We won’t be starting the project immediately, but hopefully it’ll be started in the next few months. The Anniversary no Kuni no Alice and Tiny x Machinegun projects should run independently of each other.” [blog]
– Stellarroze

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