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Daitoshokan Houkago Shippo Days comes out at Comiket 84

2013-07-23 16_28_19-『大図書館の羊飼い~放課後しっぽデイズ~』Web Site Daitoshokan Houkago Shippo Days is a side story to the main game and they’re going to release it at Comiket 84 (or 10th August), which is incredible because it won’t even be a retail release? At least not yet anyway it seems. Those August booth lines are going to be horrific.

cha_01aThe story is about Nozomi (purple girl) and Kei (below guy) who are osananajimi and they are the only- two members of the 「Neko Photography Club」 where they just take photos of cats.

cha_03a   Then suddenly their little sister Sakuya (girl below) from their rural hometown came to them who had fled from home (because they were against her going to the city). She’s going to be enrolling in the same school as them. So she joins the neko photography club. 

cha_02a Sakuya is honest, wears her emotions on her face and a shy girl. She says what she feels as soon as she feels it. While Nozomi is gallant and stylish and popular with her classmates especially the girls but on the contrary she’s not very good at depending on other people. And the guy Kei is very good at photography, but good at nothing else.

That’s all the info there is. Game comes out in 2 and a half weeks. [Official Site]
So all you have to do is finish Amairo Islenauts in 2 and a half weeks so you can play this.
Also note that they are doing a fandisc called “Dreaming Sheep” and a TV anime is scheduled to air next year (?).

CG Art:
event02 event01


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10 years ago

It will also be ¥1500, so probably not a full length game

10 years ago

[…] Buy from here starting 27th: [] I’ll do a reminder post when online mail order starts. There is some more goodies for sale at C84 starting 10th of August. Like the Kanasuke daki 0_0 And I have no idea when they are opening online mail order for these… Don’t forget the game daitoshokan shippo days [see post]. […]

10 years ago

[…] Daitoshokan Shippo Days, the game had been posted by mikocon, you can get it here. I only played half an hour, but it’s a nice triangle love story with a splitting point where Kei picks one osananajimi, or the other osananajimi. More info about the game here. […]