Astraea no Shiroki Eien New Artworks + 137cm loli heroine detailed

Astralair Found some more scans for the new upcoming game from Favorite called Astrea no Shiroki Eien [See blog post] [Teaser site], the tagline is: “Singing a love chant in a sky of dancing snow fantasy”.

Yuuki white loli 137 cm.
She calls herself Yukiyuki.

Tachihana Ochiba (red)
155cm 10228505a2

Korona (blonde) is a robot girl who loves humans. wants to become one.
148 cm
Hotaru Rinne (white) supports the protagonist from the shadows.
(Click to enlarge 1200 x 1600)nup64561

Mizunose Kotori (purple).
161 cm
(Click to enlarge 1200 x 1600)nup64562

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