Amairo Islenauts comes out in 4 days! + preorder tokuten

Yuzusoft very popular eroge company, one of the mainstays of moege. Latest game is called Amairo Islenauts and comes out on the 26th of July. I barely have to cover it since Danny Choo will cover it.

They’ve been doing many countdown videos, this is the “4 days left video”. I’ll try to play it and get further than I did in Dracu-riot since for all the amazing art, their stories could be better.

If you want to pre-order this now, do it quick since the tokuten (merchandise) is only available for preorders. And the whole reason for buying is mostly to get the tokuten (usually very nice items that normally sell for $40 – $100).

How to Buy
Very simple. Just copy one of the below links for the store you want to buy it from, and email it to [email protected] asking for a quote. Their website here: []

    1) Tapestry (50cm x 160cm)
    2) A5 reversible illustrated sheet of something.
    2013-07-22 12_29_25-c5f9e70e38382c895f429d5729ef26d1.jpg (379×1000)
    (click to enlarge)

Some Screencaps + CG:
49310screencap 2013-07-22 10-49-17  screencap 2013-07-22 10-49-27screencap 2013-07-22 10-49-47screencap 2013-07-22 10-50-11screencap 2013-07-22 10-50-15screencap 2013-07-22 10-50-53ev101a_AA ev701a_AA_AB  ev311a_AA_AC ev301a_AA_AB ev113a_AA_AC

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