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「Aoi no Kanata no Four Rhythm」 Sprite’s Newest Game Revealed!

aokana_detailNew Sprite game is called 蒼の彼方のフォーリズム (“Aoi no Kanata no Four Rhythm”) the subtext is: Beyond the sky, into the firmament. They’ve only announced the name, the staff, and a blank website with the promotional image here: [<— gaijin blocked

Funnily enough, the artist is Not Akinashi Yuu! (who drew the art for Koichoco and Imaimo). Instead it’s two persons by the names of: 悠木いつか and 鈴森, both new to the scene. The art still looks really high quality though. For writers they got the person who wrote Harumade Kururu and Sukima Sakura to Uso no Machi) and another writer who has helped with two of the Grisaia’s.

More details available in September’s edition of Dengeki G’s Magazine. (about 23 days)

Here is the big wallpaper they used for the background of the site: bg01^ Wallpaper 1670 x 950

TopImage-570x300   IMG_0826-400x366 ^ photo of a sprite booth they setup at Messe (a shop) on the 27th and 28th April.


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10 years ago

Actually insists that 鈴森=鈴森ほたる:

Also the third writer you haven’t written about for some reason – 陸奥竜介 – had worked on さかあがりハリケーン ~LET’S PILE UP OUR SCHOOL! together with 木緒なち who worked on Sakaki Yumiko’s route in Grisaia.

10 years ago

yea i know. but it’s sakagaari hurricane. hardly worth mentioning 😛

didn’t know that about 鈴森.
because on EGS, it says s/he’s a newcomer

10 years ago

I can access that page normally and I’m not using a proxy.

Reply to  Kagomeko
10 years ago

Oh, the subpage’s blocked.

10 years ago

[…] is thematically centered on Sprite’s new upcoming game “Aoi no Kanata no Four Rhythm” (see blog post). The new game is […]

10 years ago

Woah, it looks so cool! Looking foward to the release! 😀