Walkure Romanze Gets Anime Greenlit!

ris006a Walkure Romanze ~Shoujo Kishi Monogatari~ gets anime greenlit! [] The original game is by Ricotta who also made Princess Lover which also got an anime. So now they’ve got two animes even though the real anime I wanted was not this, it was Koikishi! (which is also knights-themed and released at roughly the same time).

I know almost nothing about this game. The oppai is very big. I bet the anime will be a piece of crap. By the way there is a fandisc to the original game that is in the works. [see Walkure Romanze More&More]

Some Screenshots from the game:
mio004c mio005a mio006a 24915 24913 ris002a ris004c 1_18

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