Visual Novel Maker Engines [via think tank]

Found this post via Dina on her blog: []

Dina: “It turns out that it is indeed possible to make visual novel games without having extensive knowledge of programming (something that I really lack, haha!). There are pieces of software called visual novel engines you can install on your computer, learn how to use, and essentially make visual novel games with. I’ve done quite a bit of research on the best engines for beginners already. So far, I found two highly praised engines: Ren’py and Novelty. Other engines include Belle, BASSnovel, WebStory Engine, and StoryEngine. These engines are all in English; however, there are some that are in Japanese only, such as KiriKiri and TyranoScript. I did come across a translation group that was working on producing an English version of the KiriKiri engine, but I don’t know if they stopped working on it or not. (Their website hasn’t been updated recently.)”

Nice list of engines. I didn’t even know half of them.

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