Machine voice the unvoiced parts of a visual novel

^ Machine voicing the parts in a visual novel that are unvoiced. Very helpful for anime listeners who haven’t mastered reading yet. The emphasis in the sentences is wrong, but it’s still remarkably good I think. Note that the above video is from 2008, so I imagine there are even better solutions now? Anyone have a guide?

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  • There is two ways to go about inserting voice to games.

    Has voice support if you want to run it in parallel with Translation Aggregator.
    It is harder to filter what is said with the voice with regex.
    Use (?:regex) patern to capture lines that you want to skip for example (?:【莉々子】.*) will skip the voice.
    Use | to add multiple patterns to a regex line.
    (regex) voices that capture.
    This is how it will look final.
    The last (?:【.*】)?(.*) will skip voicing the names.
    Different games need different rules.
    You might also want to add a pattern with d+ to skip for stat heavy screens.
    You might also want to add (?:.*) at the end if you want to skip anything that you haven’t explicitly captured.

    The second is to use visual novel reader which is a more simple solution.
    You add patterns with the speech target in the shared dictionary.
    You can add how many patterns you want and can make them specific to a game.

    The quality of voice is dependent on the voicepack you use.
    I would recommend finding voices with clarity in mind rather then the games protagonist’s sex.
    I am currently using voiceware Misaki.
    I’m not sure exactly what kind of voicepacks are compatible but if the Microsoft TTS can use it,it will probably work.

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