Eroge Company Teatime Disband with their last game ‘Rabu Death Final’

Just saw this in the news, Teatime and Fulltime both going under. The two studios are basically the same company and they specialize at making 3D model eroges. They actually did all-age version of Network Netoraru Kare Machi Kanojo with support for Kinect.In summary it says, “thank you for supporting us since 2001 but because of various reasons, Rabu Death Final will be our last game (which comes out on the 28th June). Tech support for our existing games and Love Death Final will be moved over to Illusion (aka rapelay ppl). We’ve done our very best for our last title so please enjoy. Yours sincerely, teatime staff.”

Below clips from Network Netoraru Kare Machi Kanojo:

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  • It’s sad that they have to go under, but lately most of their games are just not up to par. I do love their concepts and ideas (Network Netoraru I thought was genius), but not their visuals, graphics and gameplay. Illusion won that by a landslide, but on the contrary Illusion is currently lacking on the idea department.

  • Illusion games are okay. I like Artificial Academy even though my computer does not run it very well (low end), and @HomeMate is nice. Artificial Girl is actually really boring in my opinion.

    I am in a very bad mood currently and I lack enough motivation to read novels so these kind of games are interesting for me.

    While I’m somewhat of a newcomer to eroge, and have never tried TEATIME games, it’s sad to see them gone. Overflow is in the same situation (though they should not close down!). I still hope there will be more interactive movies, especially from STACK and Quantic Dream. They are the best developers of this kind of thing in the industry. Unfortunately both Summer and Cross Days were a fiasco here in the West and possibly in Japan, for odd reasons. I’ve never tried these two (only School Days), but I don’t think they should be so harsh. School Days was awesome and I’m sure the others are too. I would love to make my own interactive movies.

    I wish for an eroge game (or all ages, doesn’t matter) like The Sims (does not need to have the same kind of depth that The Sims has). Could be like Artificial Girl 3, 3D Girl Custom Evolution, Love Death, etc where you could just move around, explore and have fun. There should have been NPCs or something in AG3 because it feels so weird with only you and the girl being the only people in town. There are NPCs in 3D Girl but they do not move, so they feel lifeless. I think in Love Death there are bicycles or something. That’s really nice. Basically a game just like Homemate + AG3 with more life simulation aspects would be awesome. If you could visit stores and buy items, clothes too that would rock.

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