DreamParty Tokyo 2013 Eroge Booths Photo Galore Part 4 – Itasha (painful car) & Feng

0701 DreamParty Tokyo Spring 2013 occurred 5th of May, 2013 and a ton of companies were present. This is part 4 on Itasha (painful car).

DreamParty Tokyo Spring 2013 Index:

Part 1: Saga Planets, Navel, Circus, Visual Art’s
Part 2: August, Front Wing, Palette, Clochette, Sumikko Soft, Cottonsoft
Part 3: Minori, KeroQ, Purple Software, Alcot/ALcot Honeycomb, Kogado, etc
– Part 4: Itasha (painful car) & Feng


Itasha (painful car)

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www.feng.jpff1aeb2d ^ Minato daki will forever sell (except that 7k yen one is a blanket). that blonde girl is from the new game that got delayed T.T

Showing off the multi-layer dakimakura:
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Basically the point is you can undress her by peeling back layer after layer:

2013-06-29 04_13_38-DreamParty 2013 春 feng参加情報 They’re selling it for 23,100 yen! [online order] btw that’s Madoka from Hoshikaka. Apparently she was the most popular chara from hoshikaka.

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