DreamParty Tokyo 2013 Eroge Booths Photo Galore Part 2 – August, Front Wing, Palette, Clochette, Nanawind, Sumikko Soft, Cottonsoft

2013-06-28 22_00_42-0051.jpg @ 16.7% (RGB_8)  DreamParty Tokyo Spring 2013 occurred 5th of May, 2013 and a ton of companies were present. This is part 2.

DreamParty Tokyo Spring 2013 Index:

Part 1: Saga Planets, Navel, Circus, Visual Art’s
– Part 2: August, Front Wing, Palette, Clochette, Sumikko Soft, Cottonsoft, etc
Part 3: Minori, KeroQ, Purple Software, Alcot/ALcot Honeycomb, Kogado, etc
Part 4: Itasha (painful car) & Feng


dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-17 dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-18


^ was selling the winter box 2012 for 3,000 yen

cm83_tape01 等身大タペ05小太刀f ^ they were selling extra large character tapestries for 2,000 yen only! That’s a super good deal. (and kind of sad at the same time knowing theyre doing a 500% premium markup on you in normal retail outlets)

Front Wing dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-20  dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-21137019422415413102701_IMG_1479 137019423097113208368_IMG_1478 137019423751213209309_IMG_1477 137019424549413101886_IMG_1476 

Palette image03
^ Big blanket of one of the characters from the new game.C83_zyunbi_10 ^ Sana Dakimakura + 50minute “let’s do it together” drama CD for 12,000 yen
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Clochette & Nanawind
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Cotton Soft / Neko Neko Soft 98f82fd0 82ad9710 3a026e31 efbbb7bf

Sumikko Soft / AXL
www.sumikko-soft.comIMG_1800 8af84704 9f951ce2 8694c8f9 847958e2 20130505-siho IMG_1769 IMG_1770 IMG_1774 IMG_1778 IMG_1782

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