DreamParty Tokyo 2013 Eroge Booths Photo Galore Part 1 – Saga Planets, Circus, Navel, Visual Art’s

2013-06-28 22_00_42-0051.jpg @ 16.7% (RGB_8)DreamParty is an event that happens in Tokyo semi-yearly (twice a year) and happens squarely in between the dates of the two Comikets. But unlike Comiket, the event itself consists of only company booths, a live stage and various show areas for cosplay and Itasha (painful cars). The main theme of the company booths is: Eroge. This year’s DreamParty occurred on the 5th of May, 2013 and a bunch of companies were present. There are so many I’m going to divide these photos into several posts.

DreamParty Tokyo Spring 2013 Index:

– Part 1: Saga Planets, Navel, Circus, Visual Art’s
– Part 2: August, Front Wing, Palette, Clochette, Sumikko Soft, Cottonsoft
Part 3: Minori, KeroQ, Purple Software, Alcot/ALcot Honeycomb, Kogado, etc
Part 4: Itasha (painful car) & Feng


SAGA PLANETS dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-01 dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-06 dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-05 dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-04 dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-02  ^ their 2,500 yen goods set (which people would have lined up for hours for) now sold out on their website. You might be able to find it on Yahoo Auctions JP.



Navel dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-09 dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-12 dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-10 dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-11BDiyH3hCIAAS5Ff ^ Big 3 items for sale: the daki, the blanket and the oshiri mouse pad.  dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-08  136834519454313208799_IMG_1217

Circus dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-13 dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-14 dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-16 dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-15  2013-06-29 00_04_42-DreamParty東京2013春にサーカス出展! ^ the first four are tapestries, the rest are cushions. None available for purchase online yet, but I am thinking they will put them up for sale again sometime in the future. gLi6n3d AT9TJgA HS2ZAjd 4U4iaZm

Visual Art’s dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-95 dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-96 dream-party-tokyo-2013-eroge-97 Basically they had booths where you can test play games from and they give you some free points. They had a booth for new game called: 星逢のプリズムギア and they give you some free goodies (like stick posters). They also have limited free cards to give away for Little Busters Card Mission and stick posters.

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