Chaos;Head Latest English Patch

Uploaded a new version of Chaos;Head that has a better english patch that has better compatibility. Thanks to person person for sending it to me~

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  • If this is the chapter 7 fix (I made it, by the way) then you should remove the mention that you need to complete it in one sitting. If it isn’t, drop me an email and I’ll hook you up.

    • By the way, Chapter 7 didn’t only have crashing issues if you loaded a save, but it also skipped entire scripts (scenes) if i recall correctly.

  • Thx! I couldn’t get this game to work (I had the black screen issue like many other people have had) so hopefully this update will help. Been dying to play this one!

    • I think I’m late but I found the solution for this, not sure if it will help you though.

      I assume you named the game folder “ChäoS;HEAd”, don’t give it obscure names like that.

      I know it is hard for perfectionist like us who are trying to store our games nicely but it seems like it doesn’t work…

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