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Aroduc New Patch Policy – all patches offline

Aroduc has taken all the patches offline, he says it’s for safety reasons. I don’t really see why. To me it seems just a little bit overkill. But here is the announcement thread stickied.

Supplement Knowledge: Aroduc in April created a kickstarter project to translate Little Witch Romanesque but was it DMCA’d shortly.


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10 years ago

Which games did they translate again?
The only one I remember off the top of my head is Kamidori, which is the bane of my existence (albeit I really like it).

Reply to  Charg
10 years ago

Disregard that because I, being as stupid as a stoned stone, did not even bother to check their website.

10 years ago

it looks like this: i failed with kickstarter project, no money for me so screw you guys. 😀

he didn’t translate any interesting game so “can’t find a single fuck”.

Reply to  batman
10 years ago

wait, no.

hes done lots of games.
his output rivals Ixrec

Reply to  batman
10 years ago

Way to be ungrateful, he has done a lot for the visual novel scene, whether you liked his games or not.

10 years ago

I suppose there are some backup of his patches somewhere on the web…

10 years ago

It might have sth. to do with the fact that he’s (afaik) working together with Jast in regard to Seinarukana.

Because of that cooperation the patches on the site could potentially lead to some problems. He just wants to avoid these before they occur.

I kind of understand it (but that doesn’t mean that I’m fine with it)

10 years ago

There’s a thing called anonymous identity. Just pick a name and be someone else. That’s what i’d do if i wanted to do stuff like that.

10 years ago

So like, now how do I get ahold of these patches then? Kamidori? Minna Daisuki?

Perry Como
10 years ago

A mysterious message coming from nowhere…