1/2 Summer+ PSP Port adds Imouto Route and One New Heroine

summer 1/2 Summer by Alcot Honeycomb getting ported to PSP by Alchemist [Official Site]. This was yet another game where they didn’t give the imouto a route (basically on purpose now) and people complained, so they put the imouto route in the PSP version. However no ero for the ero-fans. Too bad 😛

They go far beyond that, they added new heroine Matsuri and increased the scenario length for the original story (so now it’s even more boring to read).

And also new CGs. How can we forget new CGs. All of them in their 480 x 272 glory.

c20130328_onesides_02_cs1w1_290x And finally it comes down to what tokuten they’re offering, and they don’t slack in this department either. For the limited edition (7,708 yen – which is only 568 yen more expensive than regular edition btw), they’re doing a ‘slip’, a B2 tapestry (not necessarily using the art on the left), and a 1/2 Summer Vocal CD which has a total of 3 songs on it. That’s actually pretty good.

Also check out the new OP: Release date: July 18th 2013.
Buy at: [] <— need mail proxy

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