Toradora PSP Fan Translation looking for people

Toradora Portable fan translation needs help. Anyone still interested in this series? I own the game but I haven’t played it XD. I heard the PSP version follows a different story to the original anime I believe? Need clarification. [Original Post] — note: this is an open translation

Hi all!
This is the second attempt to translate “Toradora! Portable” into English. This is an infinite work-in-progress (translators disappear too fast). This project respects your freedoms — you’re free to join, translate, check translations, edit them, grab our translations and make a patch (all tools written within this project are
open sourced). If you want it to be done faster then join us (^^). – xyz  

» (my IRC nickname is thexyz)
» email me: whatever[at]xyz[dot]is

It’s Toradora dammit! People loved this anime to death.

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  • I finished the game, loved it a lot and made me like kawashima a lot more than in the anime. Wish i could help, but im not sure i can have free time for it…
    The PSP game follows the anime story until the part where Ryouji loses consciousness in the snow trip that happens later in the anime.
    In the game, when he recovers from that, he has amnesia and doesn’t remembers anything (that is why there is even a route with his mom, where he believes she was just a pretty girl caring about him, looking all young and stuff, when he discovers his mom is, well, his mom, it was so funny xD, he was about to confess his love, and route ends there)

  • Hi there Aaeru! A friend of mine learns JPTL and she is very good with languages (Both Japanese and English). She asked me whether there are any open translation projects, and I think Toradora is a good one.

    But there are some things that she wants to ask about this though. It is necessary for her to have the game so she could translate it? Or aren’t there any raw copy-pasted words and let her translate that instead?

    Thanks a lot~

  • Yeah, the story is a bit different from the original anime.
    Basically, it starts when Ryuuji is ill, and due to some circumstances he forgot everything, like his own name and so on.
    You can say it’s a “what if” story, where all the prior built relationships between the characters are reset.
    The gameplay is fun, too; you can compare it to “Corpse Party”, like finding objects and walking through the city.
    It’s really fun!
    I hope we can find some people^^

  • Funny, just recently I wondered if it’ll be translated.

    Is there a Sumire route? Judging by the CG’s it has something like this.

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