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Sengoku no Kuroyuri yuri eroge translation now in progress

114Someone  is doing Sengoku no Kuroyuri ~Futanari Hime to Reizoku no Shoujo~ []. Project page is being hosted on yurireviews right now, but I think Lena K is only doing the announcement. They are actually not part of Yurireviews.

Eroge, Futanari, Yuri
Developer: Kotoba Asobi

Project Team: Thompson Christian School Translating Club

  • AlmiraTheGreat: Head Translator
  • Shin-chan: Assistant Translator
  • Mikhail-kun: QC
  • AkiraPaulaMAe: Editor
  • RunrunRINkun: Tool Provider
  • CarlosTrancy: debugger/beta tester

Lol Thompson Christian School Translation Club.
By the way, true to its name this one is futanari, aka the woman has got a dick! Translation is in progress. You can direct questions @AlmiratheGreat

117It’s a short VN and would be classified nukige. So expect the same as a sonohana game. []

By the way does anyone know if they can help with the ‘translation software’?


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10 years ago

What does “translation software” even mean? Are they using a machine translator?

10 years ago

I guess it’s a joke. If he has a software to translate the novel for him, his job would be easier. At least that’s what I thought while reading.

Some Guy
10 years ago

Did you really just call SonoHana a nukige? Really? [imgcomment image[/img]

Some Random Person
Reply to  Some Guy
10 years ago

That’s exactly what I thought.