Saya no Uta — The Kotaku Review

Richard Eisenbeis’s Kotaku review of Saya no Uta (Song of Saya in English),

“I can’t say I had fun playing The Song of Saya—I’m not sure you can really “enjoy” playing it—but I am glad I played it. While extreme, it was a great ride into the dark side of insanity that somehow manages to make you sympathize—and even empathize with the protagonist—even as he becomes more and more depraved.

And as I played, I never felt that, like in many recent torture-porn movies, it was being fucked-up just for the sake of being “fucked up.” The gradual descent of Fuminori and his relationship with Saya were always at the forefront of the story.

But perhaps the most fascinating thing about The Song of Saya is that somehow, in the middle of all the horrors it presents, it manages to make the abominable, beautiful.” [Kotaku]

This is another Gen Urobochi game (2003). Has loli rape. He doesn’t do VNs anymore, he has bigger fish to fry. At JLIST for $24.95: []

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