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Phantom of Inferno console-version getting port to PC

Phantom of Inferno, the remade version on X360 is getting ported to Windows PC. Preorders start 31st May, release on 30th August. [] Thanks to @lby_HR.  It has completely redrawn art and I think newly voiced. But what they mean by redrawn art, is really just pretty-fied still frames done by the anime studio….

There is an older version of this game which was English subbed by Hirameki International {defunct}, but it was released as a DVD-game (played on your DVD player). The drawbacks of this version is that it has to be played on Auto-Mode, with no way to adjust the speed and you can’t skip.
You can play the old version here: []

Some Screenshots: 


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10 years ago

This is fantastic news, hopefully some valiant fantranslator will work on this version. Is the script completely different compared to the first version?

10 years ago

not sure about exactly the same scripts, could be differences.
normally nitroplus titles are associated with JAST, so it also depends on what peter does.

10 years ago

Hope JAST release this….if they want a non-ero title that sell well, this is the title