Phantom of Inferno console-version getting port to PC

Phantom of Inferno, the remade version on X360 is getting ported to Windows PC. Preorders start 31st May, release on 30th August. [] Thanks to @lby_HR.  It has completely redrawn art and I think newly voiced. But what they mean by redrawn art, is really just pretty-fied still frames done by the anime studio….

There is an older version of this game which was English subbed by Hirameki International {defunct}, but it was released as a DVD-game (played on your DVD player). The drawbacks of this version is that it has to be played on Auto-Mode, with no way to adjust the speed and you can’t skip.
You can play the old version here: []

Some Screenshots: 

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  • This is fantastic news, hopefully some valiant fantranslator will work on this version. Is the script completely different compared to the first version?

  • not sure about exactly the same scripts, could be differences.
    normally nitroplus titles are associated with JAST, so it also depends on what peter does.

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