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Nitro+Chiral games appreciation booklet project

ss (2013-05-05 at 07.21.10) The writer of is compiling an ‘appreciation booklet’ to give to Takaki Kosaka (the president of Nitro+) at Animagic Con in Germany. It’s the same idea as key15th anniversary project, except it’s for Nitro+Chiral (i.e. Dramatical Murder), and won’t be as dandy. She’s now collecting material (fan art and messages) so she can get them ready to be printed into one volume. The deadline is June 10th!

“So Takaki Kosaka will visit the Animagic convention (end of July) in Germany again~

Since I’m going to attend his Q&A/autograph sessions again, I thought it would be nice to hand him a gift from the “foreign fandom”? This would not only be a nice gesture, but maybe also raise the awareness of how dedicted the foreign fans are? :3

My idea was a booklet where everybody could fill their own page with a personal message, maybe a short part about which is their favorite N+C game and why, a fanart/photo of their collection/etc., maybe what they would like to see from N*C in the future. Like, there would be a general layout, but everybody could personalize it with their messages and pictures.

The pages would be collected digitally, so I can print them out and bind the booklet.”

The template is A4 size although the pages will be printed in A5.
“Would anybody be willing to proofread the submissions of those who are not fluent in Japanese?” 
“If you want to add fanart, please  keep it work safe. Let us not unleash the full fujoshi power level oh him, okay? ^_~”

You can apply by visiting this page. Thx Debono for linking me with this.


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10 years ago

This reminds me of the Key 15th anniversary. I did a submission in it, but Nitro+… I haven’t played any of their games, I think :’c *tried Steins;Gate, pc would crash of ram consumption*

Reply to  SieghartXx
10 years ago

I suggest trying Togainu No Chi. If you can understand Japanese then do play Sweet Pool. DRAMAtical Murder is also worth playing but opinions on it are divided.