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Locale Emulator – another tool for japanese locale emulation

menu New tool called Locale Emulator (windows). Does the same thing as setting your system locale to Japanese except now it’s much easier. Not sure about compatibility, but it seems to be doing quite well. []
NTLEA and Applocale is no longer supported so you shouldn’t use those.

Core written by Amano from sumisora.
Developed for Windows 7/8 (XP is not supported), works well with UAC enabled/disabled, better stability/compatibility compared to AppLocale and NTLEA..
Compiled binary…0&uk=219044025
Current version is v1.0.5.1
1. unzip
2. run LEInstaller.exe and click Install
3. right-click context menu for running executable in a different locale
You can also run it from the command-line with LEProc.exe
Works fine with the few games I tried (kirikiri, LC-Script, Alicesoft System), feedback is also pretty positive from the chinese community.

Thx to mchubby for mentioning this to me.


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