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Koiken Otome New Fan Translation Project – need hackers

This is a game by Eufonie, a subsidiary of Etude, called Koiken Otome [] about a bunch of super-elite students who fight an alien invasion XD. Translation just started by Defendos (+ one other) and they’re looking for Translators/hackers (edit: hacker found).

Defendos: “The translation is already underway as an side project (until my second translator gets free time which will be at summer), so i’m here and everywhere on the web searching for someone who is willing to help us hack the files so we can put our translation lines into the files. if you’re interested don’t hesitate to mail me: [email protected] or contact me in irc, my nickname is: defendos (don’t worry i’m always on irc). So if someone is interested i’d love to meet you and add you in our team.” [Original Post]

Team: FlyingPantsu
Translators: ACF, Rellek
Translation Check: Rellek
Engineer: No one yet
Editor: Defendos, Klownzie
Quality Control: Defendos
Team lead: Defendos

UPDATE: Looking for translator (edit: hacker found.) and hacker who can patch files!
-official homepage is in the works-

In fact I reckon if anyone wants to give a shot at editor or another translator you should try to apply. But hacker is the most urgent right now.
Fuwanovel page: []

I was looking at the art and at first I thought it must have been that person who drew Asusekai (but an improved version) but no I was wrong. It’s a completely different person, and I think this person’s art looks even better.

Some Screenshots:
Email to: [email protected]
IRC Channel: #fuwanovel @ [web chat here]


I'm the Fuwanovel community admin and a big fan of Visual Novels. The easiest way to get a hold of me is via a PM on the Fuwanovel Forums, by twitter (@ArchmageTay), or by email.

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10 years ago

If I knew where to start teaching myself how to hack these visual novels I would be working on it daily, but there’s very little info about it readily available. I wish the translation group luck in this endeavour.

Reply to  Chr1sby
10 years ago

Thank you for your consideration, i have manged to crack it open with some people but i’m not sure if i did it good etc, so i’m still looking for an professional ;p

Reply to  Chr1sby
10 years ago
10 years ago

It looks quite good, let’s hope that the translation goes well c:

10 years ago

Looks amazing. Best of luck to the group!
Very interesting stuff >D

10 years ago

nice article!!

Reply to  aaeru
10 years ago

lol aaeru:P thanks for the info update love ya:D

10 years ago

I can translate a bit if translators are needed. ^^ ,but on the condition that I get to play the game xD.

Reply to  Stephen
10 years ago

Hey, yes we always need translators for our project, i can agree with that condition if you show to us that you are willing to help us and not like some people do: work a little bit and expect to get it all, if you want to join please mail me: [email protected] or join our irc@ @ #Pantsu-VN so we can discuss it a bit more.
hope this little information is enough for you for now.

Reply to  Stephen
10 years ago

hey stephan,

are you willing to translate check for us? i hope you can response: please email me at: [email protected] thank you.

10 years ago

if i knew Japanese i could try to help you, but i don’t know.
the only thing i can do for you is wishing good luck to you.