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Gift ~ english version for iOS/iPod via Sakamoto

Sakamoto_Neko [see blog] uploaded Gift the iPhone/iPod version: [
it’s the English version of Gift that was released on US itunes for a limited time. You can’t buy it anymore, they took it down. Maybe because the translation is unbearably bad? 
I actually bought this game on iTunes as well but never got around to playing it. Spoiler: the imouto has yandere tendencies. Japanese version: [iTunes]

Akiba blog wrote here in 2008, it is the first galge ever on iPhone! (which it is)


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10 years ago

I also got Gift while it was up on the App Store, and I think you’re right about the horrible translation (and the mocking reviews) being the reason they took it down. Seriously, I keep thinking that the next time I’m at a tech conference that does “lightning talks”, I’m going to do one called “Why You Don’t Ship Machine Translations”, and just read aloud from Gift for five minutes. You seriously can’t go three pages without a bafflingly bad translation.

10 years ago

Magical Cannon Wars proves machine translated games can be very fun in their own way.