New 5pb Game Kaihou Shoujo SIN is a Visual Novel for PS3 (by Suda Gouichi?)

Kaihou Shoujo is originally a shooting game on the 3DS directed by Suda Gouichi and is one quarter of Guild01. But now they’re expanding its story into a visual novel and they’re releasing on PS3. Publisher now 5pb. Does that mean this game is directed by Suda Gouichi as well? We don’t know yet cause these are just flying gets.

The game stars Kiyoto Kaidou, a new chief aid serving under President Shouko, the original game’s main character. He has the ability to read minds, and works alongside the other members of the cabinet to make progress on the giant war currently underway. Mechs, beautiful women, maybe some space aliens, and whole lot of mind reading are the order of the day here. [Japanator]

Note: SUDA51 is a well known Japanese game developer.

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