Jun Maeda: Angel Beats (Game) progressing normally

Shcboomer did a scan of the page about angel beats (game) on the new Visual Art’s 20th Memorial Book. It’s an interview with Jun Maeda, more of a personal reflection and not really asking about Angel Beats (game). Basically he says hardly anything:

  • After Angel Beats anime, Jun Maeda was pretty depressed (he couldn’t enjoy his heroine RPGs + beer anymore).
  • “Have I not already made enemies of all of anime fandom??” He went back to game creations after the anime. Nowadays he is feeling much better.
  • “The producer asked me for the Angel Beats anime, ‘please make the audience laugh at first and then cry in the end’. I was like, please not that again!” (laugh)
  • (About Angel Beats game) “It’s progressing… normally. It’s reached a stage our president has some things to say about it. So far I’ve worked at the forefront and wish to gradually get it done but now I’m being asked to work faster. Since it’s impossible for me alone, I got Reo-san (wrote some of Tomoyo After) and later, Sakigake-san (Hatsukoi 1/1) to help me.

Suddenly made me feel like going back to watch the Angel Beats anime now…

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