Dengeki Online's Most Anticipated Bishoujo-ge is 1) Kud Wafter, 2) Steins;Gate sequel, 3) MuvLuv Alt Total Eclipse

According to a recent polls from G-net, Dengeki Online, favourite upcoming bishoujo games are: I’m sure, the number of voters would have been small, probably less than a thousand. But it’s a convenient way to gauge what’s coming up. By the way in the rank column, the number in the brackets is last month’s polling position. (初) means first time it has appeared.

Promotional images for Kud Wafter that has been used literally a billion times: 
There is an upcoming Neptunia visual novel (that has a chance of being localized) called Kami Jigen Neptune Idol PP (for the PS Vita EXCLUSIVELY) coming out on 20th June, PP stands for ‘Perfect Producer’. So you have to produce some idols. “Producer-san!!”

Also PLEASE check out this video, especially when you hit 1min 25s or so. Something very strange happens:^ Oni Gokko Portable, 27th June 2013. They did a pretty good job with this port. New heroine, lots of expanded story + some new CGs. No it does not include the content from the fandisc. So no imouto route. (i.e. NO SELL!)

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  • wait what?

    Although it sounds exciting and I stumbled across Oni Gokko few times and liked how it looks like, if it is localization it is probably the PSP version… and that sux, nobody has that in Europe xD We use PC or laptops mostly…
    And im not sure how big is market in the US for handhelds, but releasing it on PC (which everyone has) would be much better.

    Well maybe they could do both versions, include even 18+ for PC, Id probably get it.

  • Personally, I prefeer playing in pc, but because I never liked small screens (I totally hated the GBA screen, although I played hours and hours with it xD); and also, I don’t have psp (and I think I’ll never have one), so I can’t really get happy at releases for the psp and things like that. Well, at least I hope that the people who have psp can enjoy these games c:

  • I got confused for a moment and thought i saw a trailer for Utawarerumono 2 …
    Well im still a newbie in this stuff so dont judge me

  • Wow I’m really looking forward the Neptunia VN. big fan of Hyperdimension Mk 2 and Victory, first one not so much but the VN looks awesome! ^^

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