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This is how you do edits in Visual Novel Reader

(^ Click to Enlarge) I want to show you how to edit subtitles in VNR. Once you’ve hooked it up, bring up the editor/backlog and press the ‘Improve’ button on the line you want to fix, and it should let you rewrite the line. See Installation guide on Sakimichi’s blog.

For moderator tools, already built in with mass-revert all of one user’s comments, mass-revert all subtitles which deletes everything back to a particular date, and can IP ban. Also Jichi is working on a report vandalism button that let users flag specific users so they can be deleted. Every account needs a verified email address in order to edit.

Note that there are 2 major bugs at the moment, 1) subtitles don’t appear if you click too fast. If you click within 1 to 1.5 seconds, there is a chance it doesn’t appear.

Jichi: Although the split time is 0.2 second, it usually takes longer than that for VNR to render the subs. And because things were not running in parallel, when VNR comes back after rending subs, more texts had piped up. I will try putting the text receivers into threads that might fix such issue (hopefully >_<)

2) It crashes after running for a while (like half an hour. depends on RAM).

Jichi: This is actually caused by a big problem of VNR that the underlying javascript-based GUI framework (QML) was leaking memory.
When we use VNR for long time, it will CONTINUOUSLY take memory without releasing it until our system is running of memory and finally crash VNR.
If you are using Google Chrome, you might find Google Chrome crash before VNR because of insufficient memory T_T
I have googled such issue before, and found it was caused by Qt4/QML in nature which I could do nothing there T_T
It is said that Qt5 fixed that issue, but it hasn’t released for Python yet.
I think we’ll have to wait for Qt5/PySide to release to fix the memory leaking issue of VNR T_T


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