Special Scenario, D.C.II Characters Come Back in Da Capo III R!

Hey there is a short story featuring the characters from Da Capo II (all of the characters 5 years older than in the game) and will become available as an extra story in D.C.III R (X-rated). It’s called Sakura-Fuu no Ultimate Battle!

Condensed Version:
One Spring Yoshino Sakurai suddenly runs up to the unwithering sakura tree (which only blooms in Spring now like normal) and Sakura appears.
“Nyahaha, I’m home Yoshiyuki-kun!”.
”Welcome home, Sakura-san.”
(Sakura had disappeared for a good 5 years).

One day his mate Suginami proposes they launch a huge party for golden week to celebrate Sakura’s return. The stage is Kazami High, even though they are no longer students there. And so once again the characters of D.C.II will gather for this Golden Age R (R stands for Return).

D.C.III R (Has both X-rated and non-ero versions) comes out 26th of April and of course I’ll be translating it for you (unless someone translates it before I get to it).

By the way common route for D.C.III raw translations is finished. Doing Himeno route first. I’ll

post again about it later.

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