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Seitokai no Ichizon LV.2 Visual Novel Announced! – June 20th Release

Seitokai no Ichizon LV.2 PSP game by Kadokawa Games June 20th release. If it says LV.2 all it means is that it will use the voice actresses from season 2 instead of season 1, since in season 2 Chizuru is played by Mina and Mafuyu is played by Iori Nomizu. There’s not much info yet, (Famitsu hasn’t even covered it) but according to HMV’s description basically it will be an entirely original story that play from Ken’s delusions. No information on who will be writing the story. The game will be fully voiced. Official site here.


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10 years ago

Definitely shrieked with joy when I read this.

10 years ago

I hope someone make the English patch.

Altair Ibn Lahaad
9 years ago

please make an english translation out of this T^T. damn this annoying visual novel syndrom