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Looking for translator for Starry ☆ Sky ~in Winter~

Sakura at Bishounen Gemu is looking for a translator for Starry ☆ Sky ~in Winter~ [] right now. They already have a translator for Starry Sky in Autumn, but if they can get someone to translate Winter then they can have them run parallel. Looks like they want one translator per game? :O  Myself I probably think it doesn’t matter too much for a game like Starry Sky which is pretty nice and simple language. The main problem is getting the thing so that non-JP ppl can read it at all. And if you factor in project abandonment rate which is about 25% to 40%, speed is important too.

Progress update on 20th Feb says:
Starry Sky Autumn : 10%
Hitofuta Kittan : 5%
^ this game has nice art []

Anyone interested in helping them out with any of the projects, should contact:
Some Screenshots:


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