Little Busters Shower Tapestry Bundles with Dengeki G Festival Comic – See Photos

Dengeki G just released Dengeki G’s Festival! COMIC Vol 28, which is their third little busters special feature version of the magazine, each of these three comes with a shower tapestry. It’s the shower tapestry that I want to blog about! Now this is a bit complicated but, Dengeki G occasionally turns their monthly magazine into a Festival!… and each time they do this, they usually bundle it with a very good and reasonably priced item like a tapestry or dakimakura. The Dengeki G Festival COMIC, is a completely separate magazine that comes out once every 2 months and in the same way bundles itself with something good.

Three LB! FESTIVAL COMIC editions:
Vol.26 2012 October 26th 『Little Busters!』 Kurugaya shower tapestry []
Vol.27 2012 December 26th 『リトルバスターズ!』 Haruka shower tapestry []
Vol.28 2013 February 26th 『リトルバスターズ!』 Mio’s shower tapestry []

Photos as follows.
Vol 28, 西園美魚 Nishizono Mio: []
^from []

Vol.27 Haruka Saigusa: [] ^ From blogs [] and []

Vol 26 Kurugaya Yuiko: [] ^ blog [] I wish I can find a better photo ;A; 

By the way heads up now for people who want to buy a Kud Muffler Cover (+ Kud tiny bath figure) that comes with the June edition of Dengeki G’s Festival Vol.32, release date is 19th April 2013. []

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