Press ESC to close New Booru is Almost Here! You will soon have your transparent PNG eroge sprites – but “Need Good People”

Sample shots from, which is the upcoming home of a new booru by Checkmate for housing eroge CG, Backgrounds and Sprites. I wrote a post on it before but it got lost during blog-transition, so here it is: []. These screenshots are for the final design. Checkmate has written a tutorial (in-progress) on CG ripping and processing here: []. The ripping process is really detailed.

Checkmate: isn’t about just ripping the CG and dumping everything we ripped on it and the truth is ripping is just one of the task of being an uploader for There are actually 3 stages before a package is being uploaded on Kiire: Extracing the CG from encrypted game files, Processing the CG, and Optimization.

Extracting the CG involve in using appropriate tools to extract the game CG without loss of quality. Different game engines requires different tools. For example, Kirikiri2 engine can be extracted using xp3viewer, or Minori Musica engine can be extracted using asmodean’s exef2paz. Most game can be done using Westside’s tool, a commercial solution packages.

Once you dumped out the CG, you would find out that most of them have separated faces, bodies, and probably other parts as well (especially genitals and body fluid) to save space and processing power for the game to load fast and efficiently. Processing the CG meaning that one would merge these file into something usable for everyone.

Once you have merged these files together, you will need to delete all the smaller resolution files, trim out all of the unnecessary pixels, blank spaces for example, converting any bmp format into png format that have much better compression while retaining the quality, and optimizing the png (using PNGOUT) before uploading it to

The problem is that when you rip out the art assets, they come like this, the sprites have strange textures in the background, they don’t come as transparent PNGs. The job of the ripper is to remove all those squiggles in the back and turn it into something like this:

Also the faces are sometimes detached from the bodies. It is only after you have integrated them back together, before you will get the full thing:It’s quite a complicated process, please see full tutorial thread here: []
To apply for a ripper/uploader position please reply here: []
Most likely at launch, won’t be open to public to upload because “Can’t, uploader need to be good guy, so we don’t waste bandwidth and space, those two are the most precious resources. And skilled one.”  Follow Checkmate on Twitter.

Checkmate: iono, how many uploaders have the skill and the equipments to do it…
it’s almost impossible without another, relatively powerful PC, lots of space and a decent internet connection (atleast 100KB/s of upload) to be able to rip/process
decrypting, merging, and optimizing eats my PC’s processing power 100%/100% for 24-32 hours.


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10 years ago

There is a better way for some ( a lot of ) games
like using a Unpacker which is a lot easier
see this

10 years ago

so do I get it right that there is no easier way to delete the BG from sprites other than photoshopping it? I ripped some games but they had that weird sprite BG and I had to photoshop the ones I wanted. I would take ages to do for all characters :O

10 years ago

mm dont think u use photoshop, there is an automated way to do it

10 years ago

Even If they have backgrounds some times u can find separate Alpha Channels
And some times u need some converters to get them

10 years ago

Hey there I have a problem with using xp3viewer, when I downloaded it and extracted the file my antivirus keeps saying that the .exe file is infected with virus and removes it automatically. Does anyone here have the .exe file that is completely fine and virus-free? I know it sounds kinda stupid but I don’t want to risk turning off my anti-virus to download the .exe in case something is really wrong with it.