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Anyone want to try hacking X-Change Alternative 2?

Kazameltis is looking for hacker for this game called X-Change Alternative 2 ~Kimi no Hitomi ni Utsuru Kimi~ []. Quoting from forums thread:

[Original Thread] Kazameltis: Hello I’m currently recruiting people for this important project of the translation of X-change 2 Alternative. For a long time Peach Princess had licensed the other X-Change series and many people waited and hoped that they would do the same with the 5th instalment in the series. Unfortunately they had decided not to go through with the project due to some issues with one of the routes containing lolicon. It has been 5 years and no news of a translation. So it’s time to take initiative to do the project ourselves.

I am currently looking for:
1. Hacker
2. Proof reader
3. Translator

If anyone wishes to take on this task please PM or contact me at [email protected]
(requires registration)

my username is Kazameltis

I am hoping for anyone out there to please answer my call on this important project. Thank you

You can reply to thread, or in the comments below, or email to: [email protected]


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John Rosario
10 years ago

ok by proof reader do you mean someone to make sure the thing makes sense?

10 years ago

well they check for spelling and grammar errors

9 years ago

Well, i dont know how to translate or “hack” but well. i could easly get the “Raw” translation things out, and can check out how to acually hack programs to change text etc etc. as i love this game and want it fucking translated!!

9 years ago

so when are you going to be finished???