Rewrite Anime Not Happening Because No One is Interested

Questioner: I’m sorry for the suddenness, but will Rewrite be animated?
Vava: If someone would like to try animating Rewrite into a show, I’d be interested in doing it.
Vava is the president of Visual Arts.

According to this poster the reason why they’re hesitant is because it’s too hard to create a show that is faithful to the original (quoting someone). [From newsnews2ch]. Apparently the Little Busters first volume of the Blu-Ray/DVD was ranked #7 best selling out of the Autumn season. (Around 11600~ copies), which is actually disappointing. It’s behind #1 Girls & Panzer, followed by Jojos, Chuu2koi, Magi, To Love Ru Darkness, Gintama. Maybe that’s an additional reason why they’re not too keen on Rewrite? The 2-Cur animes are too risky venture.

Autumn Season 1st Volume Sales [source]
#1 – 26,400 Girls und Panzer
#2 – 19,300 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
#3 – 17,500 Chuu ni byou demo Koi ga Shitai 
#4 – 13,700 Magi
#5 – 12,600 To LOVE-Ru Darkness
#6 – 11,700 Gintama
#7 – 11,600 Little Busters!
#8 – *9,900 Hidamari Honeycomb
#9 – *9,700 Initial D Fifth Stage
#10 – *9,000 K

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      I think they should animate the Common Route and have a series of movies for the girls’ routes

  • BD/DVD Little Busters! both vol.1 and vol.2 sales over 10k copies, I don’t think it is disappointing.
    And I think “Rewrite Anime Not Happening Because No One is Interested” not very realistic(?) Japanese websites see this as good news, because Rewrite will get an anime if more interested (a business tweet), not as “No One is Interested” :/

    • Yep, 11.5k for the 1st volume is quite good for this shitty low-budget adaptation. Second is not far from the 1st one so it may average around ~10k which is pretty much always equal to the 2nd season (Refrain).

    • @Aaeru: Not really, it is the same case of the Little Busters!. I think Visual Art’s has their own plans, and anyway it was just a simple personal tweet of VAVA. If there is a reason, I agree that it’s too difficult to adapt.

  • Considering how Clannad and Little Busters are really popular, if the users find out there’s another anime from the same producers, I imagined that it would be popular for that reason.

    Then again, anime creation isn’t all sunshine and lollipops either.

  • I believe a Rewrite anime would be a horrible idea, if they make it the normal Key way which is to give a trial run of every heroine and go with the main heroine (I don’t know who it is for Rewrite??? probably the Key) at the end, if they just pick one route and stick with it I’m sure it would be amazing.

    If they went with one route I think Terra is the best choice (in my opinion its the best route) its the best route easily and is the best choice for a anime since it has nice action scenes that don’t grow tiring fast unlike(Chihaya route) I know that a new fan would completely miss (Rewrite) since Terra is like a completely different game but its still Rewrite’s best chance at success in the anime world.

    • With creativity, all routes can be animated. There are key points where the routes differ one from another [like when Kotarou follows Chihaya and than saves her, or when he follows Kotori, or when he decides to change himself or change the world]. And, by the way the main [aka Terra] plot is settled, creating various worldlines wouldn’t be a real problem.

  • I dont know who directed this visual novel, but if it was the same director as Clannad and Kanon, then I would hessitate to give it a shot. but since recent Key production titles haven’t been up to caliber…”beating they’re own highscore” per say, It probably wouldnt be likley to do so. but then again im speaking with alot of ignorance.

  • how would they animate rewrite? it’s routes are so independent of each other that integrating them ala Clannad and Little Busters! would make the anime a mess.

  • I have a possible solution how to make an anime adaptation. [SPOILERS AHEAD] First build a route that’s as much of everyone’s route as possible, heavy editing might be necessary to make this work, but in the end make it no one’s route, so Kotarou doesn’t end up with any of the girls and the Key destroys the world. I think Sakuya should get big part here. After that Kotarou wakes up at the start of the moon route, and here we get some exposition about different possibilities and how this moon Kotarou is combination of all of these possibilities, just like in the game. Then moon route goes like in the game, and the we move to Terra route that finishes the Anime. []SPOILERS END]
    Do you guys think that might work?

    • *Potential Spoilers* That sounds like a solid idea. The anime would be much more interesting if, instead of focusing on the romance and route of each character, they focused on the Key from the very beginning. I think the Moon route could get edited down to one or two episodes. Then, with heavy emphasis on Kotori and the Key, head into Terra.

      If they ever choose to adapt this extremely long and intricate VN, it would be extremely important to spend as much time as possible on showing the girls’ pasts.

  • It’s way too soon to say no one is interested. These adaptations require planning and such. It’s been less than 2 years since its release and Key have still got an anime for finish off. With the ton of lesser visual novels / light novels animated, Rewrite will get its adaptation soon. I’d give it a year after completion of Little Busters.
    I don’t think its too hard, unless people think it should follow the typical key anime format. Certain anime’s this generation have done ‘character arc’ stories in which after finishing a route it reverts back to a certain point and takes a different route. Rewrite MUST do this. (Best example I can think of is Amagami, but some people say “hirugashi no naku koro ni”) It should definitely NOT follow Clannad or Little Busters style.

    Season 1: Everything in the common route (25 episodes)
    Season 2: 5 episodes for each heroine route (25 episodes)
    Season 3: Moon and Terra route (4 episodes in Moon, 9 in Terra)

    Crossing fingers for White Fox. They proved they can draw Rewrite. Really disappointed with the art of Little Busters from JC staff.

    • Isn’t your proposed 1st season too long? Common Route shouldn’t be that long to eat up whole season. Also, watchers would be bored. Rewrite is not enjoyable without the events in it though their school life is funny and humorous. Doing each heroine route would be hard to adapt. Reason? Each heroine have their own path/story/organization. So if they plan that I think you mean adapt each route until the end. (Their own end) In my opinion Moon would be nice to be a movie and Terra is a series.

      Season 1 = Common Route then branch up upto each heroine’s route. It would be omnibus format.
      Moon Movie.
      Season 2 = Terra.

  • Yeah, I think it’s better they follow adaptation like Amagami, or they just can start with Moon route and then Kotarou will flashback every time he die :v

  • yeah,It would solved the problem if they just do the style like the adaptation of amagami. just focus on first on one heroine then after her. the story revert back from a certain point then go to the next heroine example would be first the guardian’s route where shizuru and lucia then next the gaia’s route where there was chihaya and akane and last heroine for kotori..after that was the extra’s route where sidestories moon,terra and others..

  • I know a way that the producers can make the anime work. [SPOILERS] First start off with Moon route, then as Kotarou recalls the other possibilities before the convergence, you switch between the heroines. For example, he will recall marrying Kotori, then enter Kotori route. After that is done, back to Moon then recal another heroine. Then end with Terra. Does that work?

  • First season could be common route (12eps.) followed a whole new timeline branch after things start to get serious with Kagari. (another 12eps.) the first season could end with Kotarou feeling helpless about stopping the end of the world and makes a wish to go back and “rewrite” it all.

    After that, they could start with the moon route (OVA, movie, or something) and explain things alittle better for newcomers who never read the VN.

    After that, second season could be Terra.

    The end.

  • yes it would be better if they just follow like amagami or yosuga no sora in the other opening the anime ver. the drawing is great so lets just hope it will have an anime it already have a manga but i think they stopped

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