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Mashiro: It’s Valentine’s Day. Please have my….

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14th of February (that’s today), Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo PSP and PS Vita game comes out. Uses the Live2D system which doesn’t compare to the new E-mote system, but… budget game is budget game. Of course the price they are charging is not budget. It’s 10.5-11k yen to buy the limited edition which comes with muffler towel (LN illustration thank god), drama CD, and a tiny Misaki bunny figure. Or you can pay $50 less to get the normal edition. I noticed they are charging an extra 500 yen if you buy the PS Vita version. Premium product is premium product. Not really recommended until you HAVE to have the muffler towel. Muffler towel is on the right as pictured above. They couldn’t even give us a larger image.


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11 years ago

Got myself the premium and it’s on the way. Now I pray it doesn’t get stuck for weeks in customs like most of my imports. ;A;