Looking for New Translator for Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai PSP

Anyone want to continue the translation for Haganai PSP? (aka Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai) The last translator had to drop out. NINE videos subbed so far. Temporarily on-hold.
Please message Ziddy by e-mail (dizzyziddy at or drop by at their irc channel (#rinjinbu,

Recruitment post here:
Oreimo translators also welcome.

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  • I cold translate it but i never try to translate a VN i wold need lot’s of help with non realated to traslation things…
    Also my home language isn’t english so i wold need someone to edit my translation to see if i misstranlated something from japanese to english…
    And i don’t have lot’s of time to spare…
    But anyway if it cold help i cold start translating it. My main problem with english is writinig, i can understand it fairly well.

    Never-the-less its my first time visiting your site, looking forward for more patchs : )

  • Hi there, I really want to play this game, is there anything I can do to help you guys translate this game? I think I can help with correcting the english translation. I’m Indonesian, but i think my english is pretty good.

  • This is my first time visiting this site and saw this, and thought I could help. I also want to play this game and would help with any English translation revising if needed. My mother tongue is English so I should be of use in that area. I’m in school at the time, but I could make as much time to help out.

  • I can also help with fixing the english translation i dont know much japanese but i can help with the english since it is my first language and i live in the US so… just let me know

  • is there any progress here?? if i can help, please submit the videos on my email ad. and im willing to check and make corrections on the english grammar translatation.. so please let me know.. if we will not move guys there would be no progress on it.. so please let me know.. i want to help..

  • I can also help fixing the English version. I loved the anime and am looking forward to playing this game. If I can help, that would be amazing. Please reply

  • hi i’m also looking forward to play this game. i would like to help you guys but i don’t understand japanese, but i can help fixing the english translation though.

  • Hi I want to help but I don’t know japanese only portuguese english and spanish I want to play this game too much, I’m trying to learn japanese only to play this and help you guys :/

    • Gee.. nice one man..
      Good luck studying it though, it’s pretty hard. Wish you can learn it fast !
      Can’t wait too play xD
      I’m relying on you !!

  • Someone absolutely must translate this game from JP>EN! I can’t wait any longer! If nothing else, if you feel the same way you can send an email to asking for the translated game, I’m sure if enough people ask they will translate it! Send them an email! Do it!

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