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List of Playstation 4 Confirmed Developers–Nippon Ichi, Imagepooch, MAGES, Falcom, Gust, Idea Factory, ATLUS

Or maybe they are ‘expressed interest’? No way to know. So during the Playstation 4 conference just now, they revealed this screen showing a list of supporters. On the list I can see:
– Nippon Ichi (Disgaea, Kamipara)
– Imagepooch (Luminous Arc 3, Arc Rise Fantasia, Tokitowa)
– MAGES (no sure)
– Falcom (YS, Kiseki series)
– Gust (Meruru no Atelier, Atelier series, Ar Tonelico, Ciel no Surge)
– Idea Factory (Hyperdimension Neptunia, Otome Games)
– ATLUS (Persona series, SMT series)
– Tri-Ace (Resonance of Fate, Star Ocean series)
– Level 5 (Ni no Kuni, Time Travellers, Professor Layton)
– Gungho Works (Ragnarok Odyssey, Ragnarok Online)
– Acquire (Sumioni, Akiba’s Trip)
– D3 Publisher (lots of otome game, Dream Club Zero)
– Kadokawa Games (Anything that’s anime LN related)
– ASCII Media Works (Anything that’s anime LN related)

I don’t see 5pb. So that’s basically everyone. Square-Enix says they will release Final Fantasy XIII-5 reveal Final Fantasy XV at E3 I think. I just want Valkyria Chronicles.


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