Press ESC to close Bishoujo-Game Awards for 2012 Winner is Hatsuyuki Sakura yesterday released their Bishoujo-Game Awards for 2012. Getchu users vote for their favourite eroge in each of 8 categories. They are: Scenario, System, Graphic, Music, Movie, Character, Ero, and Overall. There’s quite a lot so I’ll just list the top 10 for ‘Overall’ first. #1 Hatsuyuki Sakura
This is the response from Furu of Saga Planets: “Thank you for supporting Hatsuyuki Sakura. The staff here are very happy to hear we made it to number 1. HatsuSaku is the last of the four ‘season-themed’ games which we worked hard on. Exactly how hard, I can’t describe well… but we believe under the direction of Niijima Yuu (新島夕) all of our work was worth it. As a result, adaptations of our work are still being made even though the game was released almost a year ago. Hatsuyuki Sakura Visual Fan Book TECH GIAN STYLE」
Hatsuyuki Sakura Manga Vol.1
Hatsuyuki Sakura Manga Vol.2
Drama CD Hatsuyuki Sakura~Ghost Novel~
Drama CD Hatsuyuki Sakura Vol2~Ghostour~
Please continue the HatsuSaku story through these products! From now onwards we will continue to work hard to bring you good products. The staff of Saga Planets are in your care. We will be working on a new game through 2013 too. Please look forward to it!”

#2 Dracu-Riot!
Company: Yuzu-soft
”(Person from) Yuzu-soft speaking. Dracu-riot ranked #2 in the overall category. Thank you very much to everyone for voting us! For the past titles we have tried to switch up our approach and methodology and we were worried it would not be well received. But seeing the game do so well here, I feel honoured! We are already preparing a new title that will not be worse off than this one. Please continue to support us!”

#3 Kono Oozora ni Tsubasa o Hirogete
Company: PULLTOP
Random user comment
bicmax188: “The story, the art, the characters, all of it is excellent. No matter how many times I play it it’s always good.”
K-san: “If someone asked me to recommend them game, it would be this. There are lots of others I could recommend but this would be my first pick. That’s how good I think it is. I think you should play this game at least once no matter what.”

#4 Majikoi S
Company: Minato-Soft

#5 Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou
Company: Navel
See Clephas’ comments in this post.

#6 Grisaia no Meikyuu -LE LABYRINTHE DE GRISAIA-
Company: Frontwing
See Clephas’ comments in this post.

#7 Irotoridori no Hikari
Company: Favorite
See Clephas’ comments in this post.

#8 Gun Knight Girl
Company: Candy Soft

#9 Witch’s Garden
Company: Oasis
See Clephas’ comments in this post.

#10 Natsuzora no Perseus
Company: minori
Clephas: “In my experience, Minori does utsuge best (so this was somewhat disappointing). I wasn’t all that fond of ef, but I adored Eden*. To be honest, I couldn’t get into most of the characters in this game. The introductions to the central parts of the drama are done in a matter of fact manner that somewhat reduces their impact. Ren’s path pretty much goes the way you would expect it to go, and Minori’s love for borderline yandere events comes out in each of the paths except Touka’s. This is not a moege, so word to those who might be expecting a borderline one from the cover. It’s an adolescent drama with all the heavy themes and minor neuroses and stupidity that infect that era of people’s lives. The protagonist’s power is central to the story (meaning they didn’t reduce its presence to irrelevance, unlike a lot of games) though not always in the way you’d anticipate. Overall, it was only disappointing in a personal sense. From a purely technical and visual perspective, it is a good game. In fact, the visuals are as superb as you would expect from Minori. People looking for some drama but all happy (mostly) endings will probably like this game. Those looking for a Minori-style utsuge will be disappointed.”


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