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Buy Dungeon Travellers (aka to heart 3) and Get This B2-Sized Tapestry!

Hey Dungeon Travellers 2 will be here in another month + 7 days. The best tokuten to go with your purchase (you are getting the tokuten right?) is revealed to be WonderGOO’s B2 Tapestry of the above girl! Order her here for 9,765 yen! Use a mail proxy. I recommend over Tenso. There is only the limited version, you can’t buy the regular version for this tokuten. The limited version comes with 1) a pretty box, 2) Book with character information, 3) Deck of playing cards with monster girls as illustrations, 4) Royal arranged soundtrack, 5) Original drama CD. Personally I only care for the tapestry.

Other tokuten competitors might be:
A3 tapestry from (CAN get regular edition for 6,090 yen) or B2 bathroom poster from their in-house Aquaplus store (regular edition unavailable).Dungeon Travellers 2, unlike the prequel, is a complete brand new story set in the same universe but has an original cast of characters. The scenario writer is Yoda Bou, who is the main writer for Criminal Girls, quest scenario writer for 7th Dragon 2020, + a couple of BL games. [] Artwork is Leaf’s Kawata Hisashi (カワタヒサシ(河田優、河田正人) who is the artist for every major title from Leaf (like To Heart 1&2 and White Album 1&2), but not Utawarerumono. Btw it’s not to heart 3.

[14:03] <van> wondergoo tokuten is where it’s at.


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